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Conflict in Relationships is a Battlefield

man with steel and chainmail armor holding sword

Conflict in relationships can oftentimes feel like a battlefield, leaving you and your partner on opposing sides. Maybe one of you throws a grenade or the other accidentally steps on a landmine. Either way, conflict can be extremely painful and highly detrimental to the relationship. Before you say something that could escalate the conflict between you and your partner, try these tips that might strengthen your relationship instead:

*Recognize that you both have strong opposing feelings or else there wouldn’t be anything to fight about.

*Instead of hurling insults and criticisms at each other, focus on one partner’s needs at a time.

*Practice truly listening to what your partner is saying and aim to understand the situation from their point of view.

*Respond with love, kindness, and compromise.

Who’s up for ditching the armor for something more civil?

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