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Testing & Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get tested?

A Psychological Evaluation can help determine the presence of a Mental Illness or Personality Disorder, or to assess functioning related to education, parenting, career, or legal issues. We also offer ADHD testing for those struggling to focus and achieve their goals at work, school, or home.

What testing instruments do you use?

A test battery is selected for each individual based on the reported problem areas, school situation, previous test data, etc. We utilize a variety of tests which allow us to do diverse, targeted, and in-depth testing.

What is included in the report?

A comprehensive report is sent to the client (or parents if subject is a minor), and can be sent to schools and professionals with written consent from the client. The report describes the tests given, the results, and recommendations which can include placement recommendations and support help needed, plus very specific remedial and compensatory recommendations.

Will you also provide consultation?

As a part of the evaluation, we are pleased to talk with you regarding questions about our results or recommendations. We can also talk with teachers or physicians by telephone, and participate in meetings and classroom observations with teacher consultation. There may be an hourly charge for any additional consultation. 

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