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Tips & Advice on Living a Happy Life

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Be My Forever Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, honor your mate not with flowers but with a renewed view of your relationship in ways that will show him/her you care throughout the year.

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New Year, New You

As we enter the new year, we are all familiar with the idea of new year’s resolutions.  We want to start the new year with a blank slate; this will be the year we start exercising more, eat healthier, stop smoking, etc. However, frequently we fall short on such hopes for change…in this new year as you consider your resolutions, prepare yourself for the changes you want to make, and as Nike states “Just do it.” And remember, keep your goals SMART.

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Feeling Connected Through the Holidays

Holidays can bring up mixed emotions – with the bustle of the season, shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures there are many factors at play that can impact our mood. Adding to the mix family gatherings, or the lack thereof, can bring about a longing for something different or grieving for what no longer is. As much as this time of year can foster connection and joy, it can also conjure feelings of loneliness, despair, and disappointment.

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Back to School Blues

Summer is wrapping up and families across the U.S. are preparing to send their children to school, some for the very first time. This can be a very exciting time: new friends, teachers, and learning experiences await. It can also be scary and sad

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Let’s Be Honest!!!

Are you or someone in your life hypercritical, constantly issuing put downs, and focusing more on weaknesses than strengths? Does the relationship include ongoing accusations and distrust? Is there guilting, manipulating, the creation of barriers to communication, and general relationship sabotage? What about unyielding contempt? These feelings and behaviors are dangerous, poisonous, and highly contagious.

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“Big Boys Don’t Cry”

Men find it more difficult to give their emotional needs priority. It seems men often get the short end of the stick when it comes to voicing and processing their feelings. Since birth they have been conditioned to “be brave,” “be strong” and the famous cliché “big boys don’t cry.” Consequently, men have a higher tendency to internalize their emotional pain which leads to physical conditions such as gastro-intestinal problems, headaches, and ulcers. Men have been socially conditioned to “white knuckle” through their emotional experiences and simply “get the job done.” At times, men bypass their internal alarms leading to less than favorable outcomes and more serious physical ailments such as heart disease.


Papanca: It is a Pali word that refers to mental or conceptual elaboration, the web of thoughts and concepts that form our sense of reality.

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